Ranch Sorting National Championship Australia

Ranch Sorting is a timed event where finesse and skill in ‘reading’ cattle is more important than speed catering for riders of all abilities from beginner to the seasoned and expert horse person all competing at their own level.

Like a number of the equine and cattle handling practices and sports we now know and love in Australia, Ranch Sorting originates from the USA in an age old tradition that existed long before fences appeared on the open ranges when cowboys and stockmen from surrounding ranches and stations working together for a common aim gathered cattle into large herds for branding, weaning or sale purposes. On the open range, the cattle would be circled by the horsemen and the best riders would slowly enter the herd to sort the desired cows by the owners various brands. With expert horsemanship, the sorter would ease the selected cow to the outskirts of the herd.

Today, this skill has been transformed and developed into the competitive arena sport of Ranch Sorting.

In 2015 the Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association became the exclusive licensee for the Ranch Sorting National Championships USA thereby launching to Australia one of the fastest growing equine family sports in the world.

The Ranch Sorting National Championships Australian National Finals will be held in the Main Arena on Saturday and Sunday of the Great Australian Round Up. 

This year at the National championships we will be exhibiting to the public how ranch sorting has enjoyed its growth with families, friends and horses and why it deserves its reputation as Australia’s number one growing family horse sport. You will also witness why we also encourage spectator support and encouragement from riders.

Ranch sorting has seen men, women and children from many genres like dressage, western pleasure, cutting, camp drafting and barrel racing to name a few to engage in a sport that utilises all these different techniques of horsemanship and riding.

This year we will have the privilege to exhibit the sports diversity from beginners to International competitors.

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