R.M Williams Stockman’s Challenge

No Australian Round up is complete without a good old Australian Stockman Challenge.

Kicking off on Friday afternoon, the Great Australian Round Up Stockman’s Challenge will consist of 5 challenges that the stockmen must compete in, to be named the Great Australian Round Up Champion Stockman.

Theses events are;

  • A dry work pattern – The stockmen must show the skill, experience and level of partnership with their horse through a set pattern determined by the judges.
  • A cow horse challenge – The stockmen must exhibit the skill and experience of both themselves and their equine partner as they move a beast through a set course determined by the judges
  • A mounted whip cracking and obstacle course – The stockmen must display their ability to move through a set course with their horse whilst cracking a whip across a number of targets. 
  • Horse Shoeing Challenge – The stockmen have a set time limit to shoe a front and hind leg of a horse and will be judged on time, the quality of the shoeing job, and their horse handling skills
  • The Poley Buckjump Finale – This will take place during the Great Australian Round Up Rodeo on the night of the 19th January where the best of the best Stockmen will compete in an 8 second Poley Buckjump. Unlike a regular saddlebronc ride the stockmen will ride their broncs in an Australian Poley saddle in a winner take all showdown.

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