The Great Australian Round Up

is an initiative of the Australian Bushmen’s Campdraft and Rodeo Association

Designed to:

  • Raise funds for rural services and charities that support regional Australia and its communities.

  • Provide a unique, family friendly rural Australian experience.

  • Raise awareness and educate people about life on the land, and the significance of Australia’s farming industries to the future of our country.

  • Highlight the unique history of Campdraft and Rodeo sports in Australia and their importance to the health and vitality of our rural and regional communities.

  • Showcase and support the backbone of Australia – Our farming, sheep and cattle industry – from its humble beginnings, to the present and its fragile future.

Now more than ever the Australian farming industry and our community is hurting, and is in need of support to remain sustainable and strong into the future.

The Great Australian Round up has been purpose built and designed to do just this, now and for years to come.

The Great Australian Round Up is designed to support our vital farming industry. It has been carefully planned to provide an exciting, unique new element and dynamic to the Tamworth Country Music Festival for both tourists and locals.

This family fun weekend will encompass the heart of the ABCRA – Pride, Tradition and Spirit – and will tell a story of life on the land, the history of our farmers and their families, and the pride of our great Australian rural heritage.

One of the bests parts of this event is that it will bring together not only our farming community but dozens of different local businesses and associations. From the ABCRA, ASHS, the Working and Sheep dog trial clubs, through to the local ute club, truck association, schools and small businesses such as livestock transporters, hay growers, and even retailers will come together to support each other, our community and simply lend a hand in true rural spirit.

The Great Australian Round Up is to be held at the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre on the 19th and 20th of January 2019 and will have everything from sheep shearing, a kids baby animal farm, through to Rodeo and a Ute, Truck and Machinery Show.

The idea is to get as much into the AELEC as possible that has to do with farming and rural Australia to give people the opportunity to get hands on with our farming community, ask questions and see what really goes on behind the farm gates in order to feed and clothe our nation and and nations across the globe.

The ABCRA see that this event will be and should be so much bigger than just our organisation and we are determined to make this event for and about our community and our region.